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Plantigrade - $TBA

No examples yet!

A full-body suit that follows the natural shape of the wearer's legs. Includes:

• Head

• Bodysuit

• Hands

• Tail

• Feet

Digitigrade - $TBA

Included with each commission:

• Up to two fur colors

• Follow-me eyes & room for eyeglasses in fursuit heads

Additional fur colors, wings, horns, etc. will affect the final price of your commission. Prices adjust according to commission size, species, and design complexity.

Available extras:
• 3+ fur colors

• Wings

• Horns, spikes, or antlers

• Adjustable/removable eyelids

• Adjustable/removable tongue

All other extras will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

All prices are in USD and are subject to change. Taxes and shipping not included.


A full-body suit that is shaped to give the illusion of animal legs. Includes:

• Head

• Bodysuit (and appropriate padding)

• Hands

• Tail

• Feet

NOTE: Fullsuits requiring ANY leg padding will be priced as a digitigrade suit, regardless of species.


A partial suit easily worn with your own clothes. Great for heat-sensitive individuals. Includes:

• Head

• Arm sleeves

• Hands

• Tail

• Feet (optional; price is reduced by $200 if omitted)

Full partial - $TBA

A partial suit with fewer parts than a full partial. Includes:

• Head

• Hands

• Tail

• Feet (may be added for an additional $200)

Mini partial - $TBA

A custom head of your character. All heads are built on a balaclava base and include follow-me eyes.

Head only - $TBA

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