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Terms of Service

Payment and Commission Information

Upon acceptance of your commission, a 20%, non-refundable down payment of the commission price must be sent before any work begins. The commission will not be mailed before it is fully paid off. A final price (including tax) will be agreed upon once your commission has been accepted. Funds should be sent through Paypal or mailed checks unless otherwise stated. Shipping prices and other incidental prices are approximated and should be accounted for accordingly.

You must link to at least one of your social media profiles within your initial email.

Customers must be at least 18 years of age or have a parent/legal guardian contact us on their behalf before their commission is accepted or any payments sent.

Payment Plans

All payment plans include the 20% down payment.

Available plans are: 

Paying in full upfront (down payment)

Monthly payment plans (no lower than $100 each)

Custom payment plans (to be agreed upon case-by-case)


Deadlines, such as due dates for conventions, must be communicated either with the initial quote email or at least 2 months before said date. We cannot always guarantee work will be done by that date - however, we will do out best to accommodate these preferences if possible. Deadlines may affect the final price of your commission.

Character Design

Only commission costumes of your own character. If a character is not your own, or is blatantly stolen or copied from another, you will not be granted a commission. Each commission requires a clear, SFW (Safe For Work) reference sheet or other suitable reference image. This reference image must be un-shaded (or only lightly shaded), show at least 2-3 shots of the character, and contain no nudity or genitalia. A censored reference image (and explanation of what fur color is below the censor) is sufficient. Additional reference images are always appreciated!

Agreements, Refusals, and Cancellations

Everything agreed upon by both parties in writing (including email, social media, texting, etc.) is a binding agreement. By accepting a commission you agree to all terms of service listed on this page. These terms and conditions are subject to change.

We will not create:
• Anything religious or political in nature, including religious or political flags and symbols.
• Anything depicting offensive, derogatory, or hateful gestures or language.
• Any NSFW, kink/fetish, or otherwise adult content or imagery.
• Any NSFW/adult additions to suits, such as crotch zippers or genitalia.
• Any copyrighted characters, or characters designed to closely mimic them.
We reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason, including personal/familial issues, closed commissions, or inappropriate or stolen characters.
If you are unsure whether or not your design fits the above criteria, please contact us to discuss the design. We are always willing to work with people and come to an agreement on designs, or point you in the direction of makers who better suit your needs.

As mentioned before, shipping costs are estimated in the initial price of a commission. Final costs will be added into the final payment once the suit is complete (or in the case of a down payment, included as a separate, final payment). Priority shipping and shipping insurance are both available at a higher cost. We are not responsible for loss or damage to any commission in transit. Deliveries at cons or furmeets we attend are free.


Sizing and Measurements
If you are commissioning a full suit, you must send us certain measurements and a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD). When creating this DTD, please be sure to:
• Ensure the DTD is an accurate, reliable replica of your body.
Mark and cut clean side seams.
Mark your knees, ankles, elbows, wrists, and base of the spine - or wherever you would prefer the suit tail to fit.
Please be aware that if you gain or lose a significant amount of weight, or if you grow significantly during the time your commission is being made, we cannot guarantee the fursuit will fit. If you expect your body to grow or change during the commissioning process, please either wait to commission us or inform us of this. Depending on the commission, we may ask for additional measurements to ensure your suit fits better.
If you plan on wearing a cooling vest under your fursuit, need help with creating a DTD, or require any other additions, please let us know and we will be happy to help you.


All customized work comes with a 30-day warranty, beginning the day it is received. This warranty covers defects of materials or construction, but does not cover:
• Alterations not made or suggested by Hobby Horse Creations
• Normal wear and tear
If your commission is damaged or has issues during this time, we will repair it free of charge. After this window of time, repairs will be agreed to on a case-by-case basis and the commissioner will pay shipping.​
Website Content
You may not redistribute Hobby Horse Creations' photos, logos, or other work without permission. All content belongs to us and, in some cases, our commissioners.
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