Once you know what commission you want (head, partial, fullsuit, etc.), please contact us for a quote. Email is preferred, but any method listed on the contact page is acceptable. In your message, please include what commission you want, as well as:

- Age

- Height

- Weight

- US Shoe size

- At least one SFW reference image of your character, OR a detailed description of your character (no copyrighted or duplicated characters)

If you want any specific additions, extras, or details in your commission, we recommend including that in your message too. Feel free to ask any additional questions regarding commissions as well.

We will get back with you regarding your commission within 2 business days. Quotes will be given as a price range.


After receiving your quote, if you're seriously interested in a commission, we will arrange an appointment to discuss the commission. Meetings are done over Discord voice chat and utilize the screen sharing feature so both parties can view concept art of the commission, which is edited in live time. If you have any other questions about your suit, this is the time to ask them!

This is also when both parties will discuss the final price, timeline, shipping estimates, and payment plan (if applicable) for the commission.

Should you choose to move forward with a commission, once the meeting has concluded I will create a contract detailing the commission, price, timeline, and other important information. You will receive a signed copy of this contract via email within 2 business days of the appointment date. Once you have reviewed the contract, you may include your name and address in the space(s) provided and email it back to me. At this point, a 20%, non-refundable down payment is required to cover time spent and the overhead cost of furs and other materials.


After your signed contract and initial payment is received, I will scout potential furs for your commission. Fur sourcing may take a number of days. You will be emailed a list of fur options to choose from - if none suit you, I will continue looking until the best possible fit is located. Please note that fur colors are limited, so color matching may not be exact!

This is also the time when you should provide any detailed measurements, hand tracings, shoes (for feetpaws/hooves), or DTD (Duct Tape Dummy) for your commission.

Progress on your commission will continue as it is paid off. Expect to receive updates throughout the building process. You will be sent work in progress pictures, asked to confirm design choices, and allowed to decide particulars about the commission. I will work with you closely to ensure your fursuit is as satisfactory as possible. Telegram is my preferred way to send updates, but updates may also be sent over email or other social media if needed.

Should work be halted for any reason, I will notify you as soon as possible about the situation and when work is expected to continue.

Questions and comments are encouraged throughout the process - if you have concerns about the design, please mention them sooner rather than later!


Once your commission is completed and you have approved it, final pictures will be taken for use on Hobby Horse Creations' website and social media. You may be provided links to these posts and/or tagged in them, if you prefer. The commission will then be packaged and mailed to you, and you will be given any necessary shipping information.

Please note, shipping costs are in flux and as such, estimates are only so accurate. Customers are expected to pay shipping; however, I will practice due diligence in finding the best shipping price for the best shipping service.


After the commission is shipped, all that's left is patience until the package arives! Should anything occur during transit or during initial wear, please let me know and I will work with you to fix it as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Unboxing videos and pictures are always appreciated, as well as feedback or other reviews. If you would like to support Hobby Horse Creations, we recommend posting pictures on your social media and tagging us, or leaving a review on once you have owned/worn the commission long enough.

Should you encounter issues with your commission at any time, feel free to contact me. I will do my best to help you and ensure your time as part of the Hobby Horse Herd is as pleasant as possible!